Dr. Mohsin Zafar




Dr. Mohsin Zafar earned his Ph.D. from Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) Brazil and is currently working as Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences at the Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mirpur Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He is the recipient of the prestigious TWAS fellowship from “The World Academy of Sciences” for the advancement of science in developing countries based in Trieste, Italy. After completing his M.Sc (Hons.) from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, he has started his career as Research Officer, Govt. of AJ&K for 01 year and later joined university service as Lecturer in May, 2008 at Faculty of Agriculture Rawalakot, University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. After upgradation of Faculty of Agriculture Rawalakot to University of Poonch Rawalakot, Dr. Zafar continued his services as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor in the Department of Soil and Environmental Science before his transfer of services to MUST. He is a life member of various scientific associations from Pakistan and abroad like Chemical Society of Pakistan, Environmental Society of Pakistan, Soil Science Society of Pakistan, Botanical Society of Pakistan, Agronomy Society of Pakistan etc. He has been Vice President of Soil Science Society and Agronomy Society of Pakistan.

So far, Dr. Zafar has to his credit 53 research publications in peer-reviewed international journals and 08 book chapters in edited volumes with international publishers including Springer Nature, Academic Press (Elsevier), and CRC Press. He has completed 2 research project of worth PKRs 8.00 million from US-AID and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council. He has 03 research project under review with HEC, PSF and Asian Development Bank of worth PKR Rs. 24.00 million.

Beside his teaching services, Dr. Zafar has served at University of Poonch Rawalakot as Assistant Director Student Affairs, Deputy Direct, Advanced Studies and Research and Director, Advanced Studies and Research for more than 07 years. At financial site, he has been member of the UPR Faculty Purchase Committee, Central Purchase Committee, Convener, Quality Assurance Committee for 05 years. He has experience in organizing multiple National and International Symposia, Seminars, Conferences etc.

Currently, Dr. Zafar is engaged in studying the element cycling at soil-water interface, water pollution, ecotoxicology, particulate P pollution, heavy metal pollution, P based nano-fertilizers, soil-plant processes at eco-physiological levels.

Director Message:

The Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mirpur (AJ&K) was established in 2009 through an act passed by the Legislative Assembly of the Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Initially having specialty in the disciplines of Engineering and Technology, now MUST have all disciplines ranges from applied and natural sciences, social sciences and humanities to health and medical sciences. The University Management is committed to provide conducive learning environment to its students during their academic pursuit and to cater their interest out of academic life.

The Students Assistance Centre (SAC) has been entrusted a spectrum of responsibilities pertaining to financial aid of the students enrolled in different undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the MUST, through internal and external resources. My team at SAC and I are always looking to reach out the needy students of the MUST for providing alternative financial resources to cater the financial instability of their families which is one of the hindrance in their journey to higher education. Therefore, SAC is making its best efforts to ameliorate the financial strength of the enrolled students through provision of monthly/ per semester stipends, tuition fee waivers, fee refunds etc. Prompt dissemination of information concerning available scholarship opportunities and procedures to be followed in acquiring them is one the regular feature of SAC.

I have the blessing that my team members are very much professional to administer the aid programs and advise students and their families regarding the available financial aid and scholarship opportunities. The multi-dimensional approach of SAC requires teamwork and well wishes in emulating this noble mission.